Automotive Website Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting for Automotive Websites

Advance Digital Automotive Group offers reliable web hosting for automotive websites. All of our clients’ websites are hosted on a dedicated server. We work with one of the top 10 largest data centers with beyond 2,500,000 hosted domains.

With the server we utilize, all hosted websites gain access to protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks, continuous security updates, and increased site performance.

Cybercriminals work double-time, looking for new ways to penetrate vulnerable websites. They see outdated websites as an easy target for attacks. As an experienced web hosting company, we can help you secure your automotive website.

Whether you require business, personal, or Fortune 500 hosting, you can rely on us!

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Website Monitoring and Maintenance

Every automotive website entrusted to us receives quality monitoring and ongoing maintenance. The digital world is constantly evolving, and as an innovative web hosting company, we see that one of the best ways to keep us is by ensuring that the code options and framework remain updated.

Our team of expert web developers performs regular maintenance, including updating themes, custom coding, framework, and plugins. Doing so helps us secure our clients’ websites from both back-end and front-end site vulnerabilities, as well as threats from cybercriminals.

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Website Care Report

All our automotive clients receive a monthly website care report, which comes with a detailed report and summary of how their websites perform. Employing our web hosting services means getting in-depth data analytics and updates regarding the following services:

We understand that some data can be hard to understand, so we have a dedicated project manager to answer all your questions if there are any. With us on the job, you have the assurance that your website remains updated, and you receive periodic reports on how your website performs.

Why Choose Advanced Digital Automotive Group

At Advanced Digital Automotive Group, we’re committed to our clients’ success. As mentioned, our server space is in one of the world’s largest data centers, with facilities in the United States, Asia, and Europe. With industry-standard technology, our server space keeps our clients’ websites secure and online at all times.


High-Quality Hardware

Our high-quality hardware is specifically engineered and designed to work reliably and efficiently.


Affordable Prices

Aside from web hosting, we offer our automotive clients a broad array of services at affordable rates.


Superior Customer Support

We have a team of professional, friendly, and highly trained agents available to assist you 24/7.


Uptime and Reliability

With our services, you’ll receive proactive website monitoring, so you’re guaranteed a secure, reliable, stable website.


45 Days or Your Money Back

As proof that we provide exceptional web hosting, we offer a 45-day, money-back guarantee on our services.


Advanced Technology

Our expert team always looks out for the latest technology. We remain updated with all the changes in the digital world.

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