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Turn your website into your most profitable marketing channel through quality automotive web development.

Guess what? People form a first impression of your company the second your home page loads. This is why it’s important that you partner with an automotive web development company to help you establish trust among your clients the second they visit your website.

10 to 15 years ago, the average time spent on a website was 10 to 15 minutes. How long is it today? 10 to 15 seconds! Research conducted in 2009 proved that “people make a snap subconscious decision about what kind of company or organization you are the second your home page loads.”

Google announced in 2011 that you have three seconds to gain interest from the consumer, or they will leave your website.

There are two parts to excellent website development. First is the pictures and the images on your website. That is strictly for us humans. Humans think and dream in images—not text, so it’s imperative to have the most advanced, avant-garde website that can possibly be produced based on today’s technology.

Second is the content on your website. We assure you: most people will not read your website, but we can guarantee you that Google will. What keywords are selected, how they are used in the content, and how and where they are placed on your website are imperative. Both parts must be done in an excellent manner to create a holistic website that provides the ROI that make website development, consistently year after year and study after study, the best use of advertising funds for automotive businesses.

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With our automotive web development services, your website will provide immediate consumer trust as soon as your homepage loads.

As a well-experienced automotive web development company, we utilize proven techniques that will provide every visitor to your website with immediate trust of your automotive business.

With the internet now being the people’s first go-to source when they need auto repair and maintenance services, those businesses with a website that provides consumer trust reap huge benefits. Statistics prove that 88% of consumers research the web before purchasing from or supporting a local auto service business.

For your business to outrank your competitors and attract more clients, you need a professional website that has a current modern look and design, coupled with excellent content creation. Most people won’t read your website, but we guarantee you: Google will.

With our extensive knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and expertise in automotive web development, we provide your business with a digital presence that will put you ahead of the competition and provide your company with proven growth and prosperity.

At Advanced Digital Automotive Group, we provide a full suite of automotive web development services to make sure your potential clients find your business online and utilize your services.

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