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It’s that simple. The automotive company that’s in the top spots on Google for targeted organic keyword searches in their local market needs to do no advertising. That’s because 92% of all traffic goes to links on the first page of search results, and when local searches result in purchases 28% of the time, you want your business to appear ahead of competitors.

As the number of cars on the road increases each year, there is a corresponding increase in the need for automotive servicing. The number of auto service shops is rapidly growing, and today there are more than 260,000 auto repair shops in the US alone. To stand out from competitors, your automotive company must utilize all available tools at your disposal to get to the top of Google. The fastest way to achieve this goal is an effective search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

Effective search engine optimization dramatically increases your online presence and puts your business in front of potential clients’ eyes. Maintaining high visibility online has become a necessity for any serious automotive business. Working with reliable automotive SEO companies that have a proven and verifiable track record is the first step toward achieving your goals and making a positive change in your business, your finances, and your life.

Advanced Digital Automotive Group provides quality SEO for the automotive industry. Our SEO campaigns have helped numerous automotive businesses gain the #1 position on Google. Our team of experts is well-versed in SEO best practices that generate consistent ROI for our clients.

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Advanced Digital Automotive Group recombines the key elements of any SEO campaign using Google best practices. The results are 309% and up increases in website traffic with 21.6% to 48.9% increases in revenues. All our automotive SEO marketing campaigns include the following:

Content Creation

Content greatly influences how search engines rank your site. ADAG guarantees all content from our experienced content creators is 100% original, SEO-optimized, and targeted to elevate your authority on industry topics. Draw leads from your target audience with content that builds trust in your brand.

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Quality Backlinks

All of our SEO packages guarantee backlinks from relevant websites with high domain authority. Potential clients can find your businesses on sites they already trust, which can lead to higher traffic and sales. More importantly, search engines will find your offerings valuable and rank you higher on relevant search pages.

On-Page SEO

Think of on-page SEO optimization as tuning your car. You get the best performance for your investment when it's done right. ADAG will audit more than 50 data points on your site to create and implement changes that will allow search engines to understand and rank it better.

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Local SEO

Your website needs to be submitted to directories and receive local citations, so clients can find your business more easily. All ADAG partner sites are submitted to targeted directories for automobile services, and have their verified information sent out, to improve search engine and client awareness of their brand online.

Keyword Research

Say you specialize in autofoiling or replacing oxygen sensors. Keyword research and strategy ensure your marketing campaigns and pages draw higher organic traffic from leads who need car wraps or new oxygen sensors right now. Our SEO team will also discover which keywords your clients look for and which terms you can knock competitors out of ranking for.

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Meta Data Creation

Metadata allows Google and other search engines to determine what your site is about and recommends it to visitors who need your services. We dig into your website's code to correct and optimize meta titles, meta descriptions, tags, and internal links, among others, to affect your keyword rankings significantly.

Image Optimization and URL Structuring

Unoptimized images and faulty links can tank your site's usability. Search engines might even penalize your site until it's booted off the first page of search results. ADAG will refine your media's hosting and alt text, fix and rewrite URLs, and streamline your site to make it user and search engine-friendly.

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Schema SEO Implementation

Schema markup, or structured data, improves how your site looks in search results. Adding schema markup on your site allows search engines to parse it better. Watch your click-through rates soar when we implement schema markup on your site to ensure your business has great, rich snippets in search results.

Google My Business or GMB

Don't be part of the 56% of businesses who haven't claimed their business on Google. Claiming your Google Business Profile will help you control what clients see about you when they look for local automotive services. Let leads call you off search pages with a verified and updated GBP page.

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