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The Sisters of
Mary School

Advanced Digital Automotive Group, an affiliate of Advanced Digital Media Services, proudly supports the Sisters of Mary, an educational and vocational charity for underprivileged children.

Every year, the organization reaches out to very poor communities to recruit children for their academy. There are 5 campuses located in Philippines, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. Each campus is divided into two campuses that have 5,000 boys  and 5,000 girls! All of their campus operate on a 100% donation basis. Every penny donated goes to the children. The nuns do not take a salary.

ADMS VP of Business Development Shiella Donahue, CEO Paul Donahue’s wife, is a graduate of Sisters of Mary. Together, the Donahues give back to the Sisters to support its vision of providing high-quality education and better chances for under-resourced children.

We invite our partners to provide a monthly donation to the charity program of the Sisters of Mary, Father Aloysius Philip Schwartz’ Children Foundation, Inc.

Haven House Recovery Centers

Haven House Addiction Recovery helps people with substance use disorders recover through a 12-month long, highly-structured program. Every applicant is asked to contribute a one-time fee based on their current financial capabilities. In return, applicants learn to rescue, restore, and rebuild their lives, in accordance to Haven House’s founding principles.

Reverend Charles Plauché, Haven House director, structured and runs the year-long program that has helped dozens of people recover. Rev. Plauché himself recovered from SUD decades ago and dedicated his life to helping people struggling with substance use reclaim their lives.

Haven House Addiction Recovery solely operates on donations. ADAG invites partners to donate to Haven House to aid people in recovery and help them return to friends and family.


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