Frequently Asked Questions

Leave your competitors behind with solid SEO strategies from Advanced Digital Automotive Group.

With thousands of car owners searching for auto body repair, auto detailing, auto paint protection, window tinting, and auto mechanical repair services online, your automotive business must be ahead on Google to attract the customers who are searching for your services.

Holding the first position in organic rankings on Google is the Holy Grail of any digital marketing campaign. Statistics tell us that whatever automotive company that holds the top position receives 48% of all the click through traffic. Only 12% of consumers click on the company in the 2nd position and a measly 8% on the third with 32% relegated for the rest of the search results. As far as page two of Google? As the joke goes, that’s where the Mob hides dead bodies. Nobody goes there!
At Advanced Digital Automotive Groups, we provide your business with the fuel it needs to separate you from the competition in the local automotive market. Two things happen when you rank high on Google: your phone rings more and the value of your business goes up. Whatever company is the leader in their industry for their city on Google—that company can be worth 30% or more than the company in the second or third position on Google.

We specialize in automotive SEO, developing evidence-based strategies that help automotive companies establish a prominent online presence, drive more traffic to their website, and increase profits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elevating your digital experience can sometimes be overwhelming, so to help get you started we have responded to some frequently asked questions.
Definitely. All businesses, automotive or not, need a website where customers can learn about their shop and engage with their brand.
The time it takes to develop a website will vary from site to site and will be determined by the level of complexity involved. The professional team at ADAG will make sure to provide you with professional services in line with your business goals and the timeline you set to achieve them.
Our team of experts create and optimize landing pages for different types of auto services, including:
  • Auto Repair
  • Automotive Mechanical Repair
  • Auto Detailing and Paint Protection
  • Window Tinting
Yes. Automotive SEO significantly boosts your online presence. The increased online presence drives more prospects into your shop, enables you to build long-term relationships with your customers, and increases your share of the local market.
Depending on the campaign structure, the market competition, and your business goals, it can take three to six months before you see valuable results from your SEO strategy.
Search engines rank automotive websites and web pages using the following criteria.
  • Content
  • Keyword usage
  • Page speed
  • Adaptability
  • Navigability.
  • Backlinks
  • Overall architecture.
The websites that are considered the most useful and relevant are ranked the highest.
A successful automotive SEO strategy facilitates business growth as it help boost your search ranking, drive more traffic to your website, and improve your conversion rates.

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