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Why Get a Content Writer for Your Auto Repair Shop

Writing about the automotive industry is a challenging task. There are many technical terms that the average reader may need help understanding, and this can eventually affect the way they receive the message that your written piece wants to get

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Auto repair shop area and equipment.

9 Reasons Your Auto Repair Shop Should Have a Website

There is a growing perception that Facebook and Google My Business (GMB) are slowly replacing websites as promotional channels for businesses like auto shops. While this might have some basis, it does not necessarily mean that websites will soon become defunct. Without

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Creating a Distinct Brand for Your Auto Repair Shop

In 2018, there were more than 200,000 auto repair shops operating in America. Since that time, the number of auto repair shops has increased annually by approximately 2% and this trend is expected to continue regardless of economic conditions. While it is

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Mechanics working auto repair shop.

Using SEO for Auto Repair Shops

The automotive industry is considered to be highly competitive. There are so many auto dealers and car repair service providers around that many often need help coming up with an effective marketing campaign. This is especially true for smaller shops.

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Auto repair shop area.

What a Good Auto Repair Website Should Have

A website for a small and independent car repair shop is not only a brilliant idea, it’s practically a requirement if you want your business to succeed. Several studies show that about 65% of customers search online for the services or products

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A car without wheels inside an auto repair shop.

Christmas Marketing Tips for Auto Repair Shops

If you’re an auto repair business owner, you should know that the holidays is the perfect time to launch a marketing campaign online. And it’s not just because most people are online doing their Christmas shopping, it’s also when most

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Close up view of a smiling mechanic inside his auto repair shop

The Top Ten Benefits of SEO for Auto Repair Shops

The internet has changed how people live and how companies conduct business. For example, when customers search for a particular product or service, they search online. Companies must promote their products or services online to be successful. Modern businesses have

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