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9 Reasons Your Auto Repair Shop Should Have a Website

There is a growing perception that Facebook and Google My Business (GMB) are slowly replacing websites as promotional channels for businesses like auto shops. While this might have some basis, it does not necessarily mean that websites will soon become defunct.

Without a doubt, GMB, Facebook, and several other social networking sites play a major role in marketing a business online. However, they have rules and guidelines that your auto repair business has to abide by if you want to be accommodated. With a personalized website, you’re in control of how you promote your services and are not subject to group rules.

Other than promoting your services, websites for auto shops can also help establish your online reputation and credibility, increase brand awareness, generate new business inquiries, increase organic traffic, and much more.

Why You Should Have a Website for Your Auto Shop

As of 2020, if you’re running an auto repair shop and it does not have a website, people will hardly know that it exists. The internet is so integral to modern life that if you’re not an active participant, you’re missing out on many opportunities.

1. A website is the online store of your business.

An automotive website is the hub of your business. It sits at the heart of all that you want to offer. Even the different social media accounts that you create for your car repair shop, can be linked to the official website.

In short, your site is your store that you have to manage as best you can. The beauty of having a store for your business is that you can spice it up and uniquely present your products and services so people will readily notice them.

2. People expect your business to have a website.

2017 survey revealed that at least 30% of consumers wouldn’t consider any business as serious if it did not have a website. In other words, people will only believe that your auto shop is real if they can visit your website. Even if only minor repair work is needed, a potential customer will still gauge the credibility of your auto repair based on your website.

3. A website is the best way for your business to be found.

When people do online searches, Google and other search engines display websites in their results pages, not social media accounts. You must have a website to ensure that your auto repair shop is correctly displayed in these searches. Once you have set up your website, your next move is to work on improving your site’s rankings through a technique known as search engine optimization (SEO).

4. The rival car repair shop has a website.

If you’ve ever wondered why a competing auto repair outlet is always busy handling service requests from customers, try visiting its website. It likely has a well-crafted design and is filled with engaging content that captures the interest of even the most meticulous car owner.

It takes little time or money to design a website that looks great. If you still don’t have one, it’s time you looked into getting one. A website for your auto shop will allow you to get the walk-ins and call-ins you have been waiting for and will likely increase your business substantially.

5. A website is your means of answering car repair questions.

Most people prefer to do things independently and skip phone conversations. If you have a potential customer who wants to find out if your shop can do a weekend makeover on his wrecked car, he will likely just browse through your website. If he likes what he sees, then he will schedule an appointment. For this reason, your auto repair shop website must contain information like shop location, hours of operation, directions, and contact details.

6. Many service requests are processed through company websites.

Many car repair centers have customers who often book appointments directly on their websites. This is a common but important feature in many service-oriented businesses because it provides a different approach to customer engagement.

If you’re building a website for your auto shop, online booking is one option you should include in the design. It allows your customers to make an appointment based on availability. The feature will also help you to easily keep track of the number of repair service requests that are coming in.

7. A website can be a major sales channel.

A website can help in growing your business. If your website is optimized correctly, it will rank well on search engine pages and generate new leads.

Displaying diverse content on your automotive website like customer reviews can also help increase sales. Several studies found that 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as their friends. By posting these testimonials on your site, your shop can gain the trust of people who could eventually become new customers.

8. A website can serve as the marketing arm of your auto repair shop.

A website is a representation of your brand. It can create the first impression people have about your business. Thus, your website should be professional, eye-catching and clutter-free.

For auto shops, websites are effective promotional mechanisms. Special offers, discounts, and rewards can be placed in strategic sections.

9. A website can help establish your credibility.

When attracting new customers for your auto shop business, producing good content is among the more effective means. Education is essential to the customer experience, and you can help educate readers by providing them with helpful information. Focus on your area of expertise, so people will find it easy to believe what you’re saying. Blogs about common questions asked by car owners are ideal and will help establish your reputation as a car repair specialist.

Key Takeaway

The internet has become the most popular way to find practically anything. If you have an auto shop and it does not have a website, people will not find you when they need their cars repaired.

Website building for auto shops is pretty simple if you have the training and knowledge. Many car repair owners, however, may find the process too technical because this is not their area of expertise. When this is the case, there are digital marketing groups that can do the work and come up with a fully-functional website.

Get in touch with Advanced Digital Automotive Group if you need expertly-designed automotive websites.

As the owner of a car repair center, there are countless business concerns that you have to attend to daily. As such, it’s likely, you won’t have time to squeeze building a professional, optimized professional website into your busy schedule. Let Advanced Digital Automotive Group make things easier for you.

We have a dedicated team of expert web designers that can create the automotive website you’ve been dreaming of. Call us today, and find out how we can build you a professional and optimized website that will increase awareness of your business and help it grow exponentially.

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